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Why Install a Chimney Cap?
1) Keeps rain water from coming down your chimney. Rain water can damage many components of your chimney. Many times rain water can damage stainless steel liners, dampers and can even saturate mortar joints. Water can soak inside a chimney and produce mold and other non-pleasant results.
2) Keeps animals out of your chimney flue. Many times animals can make a home inside your chimney. These animals include birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Sometimes the animals cannot get out of the chimney and will die. This problem produces maggots, flies, and usually results in a fairly nasty odor. A professionally installed chimney cap is sized for a custom fit to prevent animal intrusion.
3) Prevents wind induced downdrafts. Many times wind will blow in a certain direction and can cause downdrafts. If your fireplace is drafting smoke, wind may be blowing smoke back into your home. The flat portion of the top of a chimney cap is designed to prevent wind induced down drafts.
4) Spark arresting. Many times people refer to a chimney cap as a spark arrestor. This is a fancy term that tells you that your chimney cap can prevent many lit embers that travel up your chimney from landing on your roof. These embers can catch your roof on fire.
5) Keeps out leaves, branches and twigs which can lead to blockage.
Why Install a Energy Saving Damper?
1) Warped, broken, or leaky throat dampers cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year, and that figure is going nowhere but up. Independent laboratory tests show the Top-Sealing Damper eliminates as much as 90% of the air loss of a traditional damper. You can no longer afford a leaky throat damper with metal-to-metal contact like the one in your fireplace.
2) A Damper mounts easily atop a flue tile with silicone sealant. A 32' Stainless cable drops down the flue and mounts in the firebox. Chances are the energy-saving Damper will pay for itself in energy savings the first year.
3) Add a Damper Cap to your damper for added protection
against animals and spark control.
4) All Dampers come with a Lifetime Warranty.