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 Why Install a Energy Saving Damper?
1) Warped, broken, or leaky throat dampers cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year, and that figure is going nowhere but up. Independent laboratory tests show the Top-Sealing Damper eliminates as much as 90% of the air loss of a traditional damper. You can no longer afford a leaky throat damper with metal-to-metal contact like the one in your fireplace.
2) A Damper mounts easily atop a flue tile with silicone sealant. A 32' Stainless cable drops down the flue and mounts in the firebox. Chances are the energy-saving Damper will pay for itself in energy savings the first year.
3) Add a Damper Cap to your damper for added protection
against animals and spark control.
4) All Dampers come with a Lifetime Warranty.
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Chimney, Masonry, Tuck-point, Foundation, Damper 
Damper With Cap

Chimney, Masonry, Tuck-point, Foundation, Damper